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Uniting Art and Science

Realising the next phase of your digital journey requires more than just great technology. At gravity9, we have a different approach. With deep experience and personality, our team of designers and engineers unite art and science, to realise the next chapter in your digital journey.

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You don’t need huge teams or excessive budgets to become the difference. We work collaboratively with clients, collapsing problem complexities to rapidly ideate, design and build beautiful, intelligent digital products that add real value.  

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Our latest thinking on how to accelerate digital

The Single View Challenges; 4 Timeliness

As we continue our breakdown of the key challenges organisations face when creating a Single View solution, we reach number 4 in our series; Timeliness. The challenge is when real-time or near real-time changes need to be seen within the Single View solution.

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What Drives gravity9’s love affair with Domain Driven Design?

Patterns are an integral part of human behaviour and the world around us, Domain Driven Design is a set of clear patterns which you can utilise, not only for coding but also for analysis and design. Find out why gravity9 have fallen in love with this approach.

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Digital Matters Podcast - Jim Duffy Talks Blockchain

In this episode technology pioneer and entrepreneur, Jim Duffy talks about the maturity of Blockchain, how it is an enabler for start-ups and the role it is playing in the battle against Covid.

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