Technical Build and Release Engineer/DevOps

Consultant/Senior Consultant

The Type of Person We Are Looking For:

● Technical and inquisitive

● Wants to define a blueprint for the organization; someone we can learn from

● Likes tinkering with technology and automation

● Wants to build something from the ground-up with an emerging partner

● Has the flexibility to work with people in an office, while interacting with a global team

● Does not have an ego - wants to make themselves, us, and the world better place


Target Responsibilities:

● Coordinating release process with enterprise clients, including assisting with occasional releases during the US Pacific Timezone. 

● Creation of technical documentation to help provide forward comprehension of released software

● Authoring and validating technical diagrams that show logical and component associations

● Build and release automation, to support streamlined deployments to integration / QA / UAT / Production environments

● Driving confidence in a deployment process for the client

● Assessment of operational risk, and recommendations for improved forward stability

● Bridging the divide between team leadership, technical delivery, and client for the purposes of ongoing solutions integration

● Helping to define scalable best practices for a growing organization


Ideal Requirements:

● 3-5 years hands-on experience building and deploying software; strong experience with the SLDC process and OOO programming languages like Java / C# / .Net / others.

● Spent 3+ years performing build management, automation, and DevOps with/for an Enterprise client

● Strong experience with Azure, Pipelines, Docker, Kubernetes, and related services

● Strong experience with Microservices implementations

● Worked on a project with concurrent development streams and over 15 distributed developers

● Understanding of software implementations, including APIs, modules, services, databases, and transport/messages

● Has developed automated solutions to improve performance and productivity


What is a typical day?

● 95% of the time they will be working a 9-5pm with the Polish development team.

●Tasks will include creating build automation from scratch, release scripts, and improving the reliability of how we release our code to the client.

● We have a backlog of technical documentation needed, including: diagrams of the current system, technical breakdown of microservices, and other documentation requirements

● 5% of the time we will need the resource to support production release efforts with the client, on the client time zone. This usually means helping at 6AM CEST one day every 2-3 weeks. This is not a common task, only something we should do periodically.


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