9 Questions with Andy Ross of Gravity 9

June 6, 2019
Andy Ross

Meet Andy

Andy is the co-founder of Gravity 9. Having worked as a senior executive in large technology organisations for almost 20 years, he co-founded Gravity 9 with a desire to do things differently. He believes that a digital consultancy born in the new era is better placed to help clients deliver innovative new digital solutions and accelerate their digital journeys.

Be fearless. Don't wait to be asked, grasp opportunities and be proactive.

1. Best piece of advice you were ever given?

Do what is best and right, NOT what is easiest. An early manager embedded this mindset in me and I think it is true and applies to what we at Gravity 9 do for clients, colleagues and in fact everything we do.  

2. What podcasts or books / blogs are you listening to / reading at the moment?

I always have a few books on the go. I am currently reading When Professionals Have to Lead by Thomas Delong, John Gabarrd and Robert Lees. It is reinforcing my understanding of the multiple roles of a leader in a professional services firm and in particular the importance of employee engagement when people are heads down serving clients.  

3. What advice would you give your younger-self?

Be fearless. Don't wait to be asked, grasp opportunities and be proactive.

4. What one piece of advice would you give a CIO looking to develop a new modern culture in their technology organisation?

Start small and create one product that can inspire the business and technology. Be ruthless and focus on one product, bring in outside skills so complement the knowledge and capabilities that no doubt exist inside the organisation.

5. What is the most interesting technology to you right now?

I think artificial intelligence is game changing as it is the underlying technology behind autonomous vehicles. I am fascinated by how it will also be applied in other sphere's. However, I think there is immense opportunity in the area of travel. As well as advances in technology such as AI there is a ready and willing market for autonomous vehicles, be they the haulage industry or to help combat climate change. The only question is how quickly the technology will go mainstream.

6. When did you realise you were wrong about something?

This is an almost daily occurrence! Early on my career I was challenged on why I pursued certain clients and deals. I realised that I was chasing an opportunity without really qualifying hard and working out whether we had the right product and the client was the right one for our firm. I know coach sales teams to qualify hard and be unafraid to walk away.

7. How do you ensure you focus on the right activities?

I am fortunate to have been brought up through the sales sides of organisations and so I naturally focus on what makes the biggest impact on our clients. If we can delight them every day then we will have a great business. In addition I focus on what makes a difference to our team so that they are equipped, empowered and able to delight our customers each day.

8. What is the best example you have seen of an organization that has used technology to transform itself?

Creating new digital solutions when you are a start up is relatively straightforward.Delivering new digital products in the confines of a global organisation,whilst manages an existing business and dealing with the legacy challenges is truly a great achievement. To that end I have been really impressed by the UK Government's digital initiatives. They are rolling out lots of new services and products, constantly iterating and digitsing.

9. What one thing are you most thankful for in your career?

The chance to lead an amazing team as the UK MD at Infusion. The organisation had been through a challenging time and so it was a privilege to be entrusted to lead the team and grow the business.

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