Achieving a 360˚ View of Your Customer

May 31, 2019
Andy Ross

Why have a Customer 360˚ view?

A holistic view of your customers across an organization serves as the foundation for insights, collaboration, and action that have the potential to significantly influence your short and long term performance.

Internally, sales, marketing, client services, and operations are just a few of the areas where easy access to a 360° view of information is beneficial. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it is imperative that you provide your employees closest to your clients with efficient access to the right information at the right time.

According to surveys, 75% of firms are looking to achieve this single customer view.

So, why have such few firms actually achieved this?

Envisioning and developing a technical and operational platform for accessing a 360° view of a client, an asset, a market, an operation, a process, or any other area of interest within your enterprise can be challenging for several reasons;

  • Large organizations are often the result on numerous acquisitions with political and organizational complexity
  • Legacy technology results in slow and difficult to retrieve data
  • Data often resides in multiple systems that do not speak to each other and is in differing formats e.g. Customer ID
  • Discrepancies between sales and marketing divisions

Provided with enough time and money, Customer 360° is achievable. In today’s world, they are precious commodities and firms are unwilling to invest large sums in big complex programmes. The challenge is to deliver Customer 360° quickly and at minimal cost.

It is possible!

By taking a new approach to delivering projects and leveraging modern technology, it is possible to deliver Customer 360°. Using software development methodologies like Agile and Lean Start-up combined with modern technology like mongoDB, solutions can be quickly and innovatively deployed.

This approach enables you to rapidly reap the benefits of having the ability to see all of your customer data in a single view. You can;

  • Maximize up-selling and cross-selling opportunities
  • Utilize the years of data you have without rewriting legions of legacy platforms
  • Reduce staff training time through the use of user interfaces that are familiar to consumers e.g. Facebook style interface
  • Provide a superior customer experience as data is easily and quickly available to customer services or sales staff
  • Improve product development and targeted marketing strategies


In the new world in which we now operate, with modern technology and new ways of working, constrained by tight budgets and short time frames, it is possible to innovate and deliver transformational change to your business. This in turn can help your organisation reorient itself around the customer, so enabling them to be delighted in how and when you engage.

It is possible to innovate and deliver transformational change to your business

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