Digital Matters Podcast - The Power of start-up collaboration

February 15, 2021

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In episode nine of gravity9’s Digital Matters podcast Andy Ross and Andy Newman talk with Ken Valledy, Partner and Co-Founder of Progressive, an organization bringing start-ups and big brands together to accelerate growth. Ken is also the host of the Catalyst podcast – a podcast focused on how corporates and start-ups can work together. During the podcast Ken discusses;

  • Making the jump from Large brand FMCG Marketing into innovation and why it was the right decision at the right time.
  • Why and how big corporate can innovate and the big innovations of the moment.
  • The different approaches organisations can take to innovation and the strategic process behind commissioning innovation with start-ups.
  • Key take-aways from big brand collaborations with start-ups.
  • The evolution of relationships between big corporates and start-ups.
  • How organisations of any size can leverage collaboration too accelerate their growth.

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Digital Matters podcast episode 9
Digital matters podcast episode 9
Digital matters podcast episode 9
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